Purr Facts
I've compiled this list of persian/himalayan cat facts to answer
some of my most asked questions. I hope you find them useful and
please let me know if you have a new question to ask!
1. The number one question people ask me pertain to the difference
between a persian and a himalayan, and why I mate them together. It can be
a little confusing but, a himalayan is a persian with siamese coloring. Two
persians can create a himalayan kitten if one or both of the persians is a
color point carrier (meaning someone in their lineage is a himalayan). Two
himalayans mated together will always make a litter of color pointed kittens
2. I've had people who thought that the difference between persian &
himalayan lied in the face type. There are generally two face types - doll
face or traditional and flat face or extreme, sometimes even called "show
face". Initially persians were doll faced, the flat face came just as some of
the cat breeds began, with a defect or a genetic flaw. A kitten was born
with a flatter face and it was found to be appealing to the breeder so they
kept that kitten and when another flatter faced one came along they bred
the two together and so on and so forth. The manx and scottish fold cats
were bred in the same fashion, along with several other breeds. When a doll
faced cat is bred to a flat faced cat you generally get a kitten whose face
type is somewhere in between the two.
3. The face type is just about personal preference. Doll faced cats have
less to no eye drainage and have no trouble with nasal breathing. Flat faced
cats have eye drainage and can have some trouble with nasal breathing.
Their little faces get a bit messy when they eat as well. But, these are the
faces that go to the cat shows.
4. The life span of a persian is about 15-20 years. Himalayans are about
10-15 years.
5. All himalayans have blue eyes. Most persians have copper eyes. Solid
whites will have either copper, blue or one of each. Shadeds & Smokes have
green eyes, or copper eyes with green around the pupils.
6. The temperament of a persian is generally very laid back.
7. All boys
do not spray. That is a myth! If you have your male neutered
promptly he will never have the urges that lead him to spraying.