Purrfect Purrs Policies
Deposits - I will accept a $200 deposit to hold the kitten of your
choice until the kitten is ready to go home. This deposit will go
towards the total purchase price of your kitten. Deposits can be in
the form of cash, check, money order or you can pay using a credit
card via Paypal. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to purchase
the kitten you forfeit your deposit. If, for whatever reason, I am
unable to sell you your kitten I will refund your deposit, or it can
be placed on another kitten of your choosing.
Picking up your kitten - When it’s time for your kitten to come
home, we will meet at a mutual location. I will meet at any of the
following locations, free of charge
             Mt. Cobb Travel Plaza
             Exit 8 Interstate 84
             1174 Mt Cobb Rd
             Lake Ariel, PA 18436

             650 Commerce Blvd
            Dickson City, PA 18519

             88-25 Dunning Rd
            Middletown, NY 10940

             PA Welcome Center - Matamoras
             Route 6 & 209 (exit 53 off I84 West)
           Matamoras, PA 18336

             26 W Merritt Blvd
             Fishkill, NY 12524

             Dairy Queen
             789 Seven Bridge Rd
             East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

             5 Hampton House Rd.
            Newton, NJ 07860
When you come to pick up your kitten please bring a cat carrier
and a blanket, cushion or padding to place underneath the kitten.
Sometimes kittens have accidents while being transported and you
should prepare for that. There is no need to bring food or water
for the ride home. Feeding them will only raise your chances of the
kitten having an accident while you're driving, and it could make
them vomit. I accept cash ONLY at pick up.
Health Guarantee - Kittens must be isolated from other
household pets from the time you take ownership of the kitten
until the required exam by a licensed veterinarian. Vet exam must
be given within 3 business days of receipt of kitten. Buyer must
provide me with copies of medical records on licensed
veterinarian's business letterhead within 7 business days from
time of exam. Failure to do so will make the health guarantee null
and void. If the kitten is taken to a licensed veterinarian within 3
business days of receipt of the kitten, and it is found to have a
serious health problem that will affect the life span or life
enjoyment of the kitten, then I will offer an exchange for the
kitten of equal quality and value as soon as a kitten of that
description becomes available, or a full refund will be given to you
upon receipt of the kitten. You are solely responsible for all
expenses related to the return of the kitten to me and you must
execute any and all necessary paperwork to convey all interest in
the kitten back to me. If you accept a replacement kitten, you are
solely responsible for all shipping and/or delivery expenses. If a
qualified, licensed veterinarian upon examination and testing of
the  kitten discovers that the kitten suffers from a mild
congenital defect unknown at the time of sale, which does not
affect kitten's life span or quality of life, there will be no
compensation or refund. Under no circumstances will I be
responsible for your veterinarian costs.
You will be able to return your kitten for up to one year from the
date of bringing your kitten home for a replacement kitten of
equal quality & value, if a qualified veterinarian sends me a signed
certification (on veterinarian's business letterhead) that the
kitten has any fatal congenital defect that can not be treated. A
detailed statement by the examining veterinarian, along with
copies of all medical records, x-rays, lab work, and notes MUST
accompany the signed certification and will precede the return of
the kitten. This certification must state what the fatal congenital
defect is, the treatment approximate cost and the origination of
the problem.  Arrangements for the return of the kitten must be
agreed to, in writing, by me and you prior to the your sending the
kitten back to me. You would be solely responsible for all delivery
and/or shipping costs related to returning of the kitten. Under no
circumstances will I be obligated to cover your veterinarian costs.
Our cattery is free of external and internal parasites. We worm
all of our kittens and cats monthly as a precaution and our
breeders have all been tested for FIV/FeLV. We are free of both
of those diseases. Because we know this, we don't regularly test
our kittens for it because the test is invasive, expensive and
Repeat Customers - Repeat customers receive a $100.00 discount
on the price of future kittens.
Buddy Discount - If you’d like to purchase two kittens at once
you’ll receive  a $ 100.00 discount on the second kitten.